Thursday, March 14, 2013

Eating a Low Glycemic Index Diet

The glycemic index is how foods can be ranked concerning how carbs will affect a person's blood glucose level. When you choose a diet that is lower in these GI carbs you can help to control the levels of insulin that will be produced in your body. This can help in heart health and diabetes.

Eating foods that have a lower GI carb rating are what can help your health. Not only will it affect your heart, but also diabetes and so much more. With a diet that has a lower GI carb rating you will be able to lose weight. It's an easy process that anyone can do, and you will even feel as if the food you eat lasts longer, being hungry less often.

A diet that has low GI carbs will help you to lose and control your weight much better. Plus you can lower your susceptibility to diabetes because your body will become more sensitive to insulin and how it reacts with your body. Low GI diets can also help reduce cholesterol levels and help with heart disease.

A diet that is Low in GI carbs will also help with your endurance and energy. So, how can you switch your diet over to a much better way of eating? Follow these steps.

Change to eating cereals that have oats, barley or bran. Cut down on your potatoes that you eat. Change over your breads to a sour dough, stone ground flour, or whole grain. Eat rice that is either basmati or Doongara. Increase you intake of fruits and vegetables. Eat more noodles, and salads, but don't use dressing besides vinaigrette if you can.

A low GI diet will help you out tremendously, so start getting healthy today and eat the above foods. Switch your diet over and feel better.

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